Battlestar Galactica Timeline Rewinds to "Caprica" 50 Years Earlier

Birth of the Cylon threat will be at the center of BSG prequel Caprica. Geeks everywhere are asking, "Where the hell did this come from?"

2006: Osama Bin Laden "State of Jihad" Speech Declares Total War on Infidel World

Bin Laden's 2006 April Speech -- which I announced was a "surrender" in Iraq -- may have been that, but it was also a declaration of War upon Western civilian populations.

Here, from Dr. Walid Phares, is Bin Laden's Declaration of War 2006. I have a feeling that this will be looked back as another obvious statement of intent by our enemy that we inexplicably chose to ignore.


* One, a long attack on the Cartoons crisis: Blood is needed to cleanse the matter.
* Two, there is a Western war on Muslims and Islam.
*Three, Western policy towards Hamas proves this aggression.
* Four, the United Nations is an infidel and criminal institution.
* Five, there is a Western-infidel aggression against Muslim Sudan. The Black southerners are bandits and the Darfur Blacks are agents of the infidels
* Six, Iraq’s Jihad is to stop future US military bases
* Seven, a cultural invasion is underway: Arab TVs are to be stopped, Muslim liberals to be killed
* Eight, France is to be punished for the female Hijab affair
* Nine, Bosnia’s Muslims were not salvaged by the West
* Ten, The independence of East Timor is a defeat to the Muslims
* Eleven, India and the Hindus are the enemies in Kashmir
* Twelve, Pakistan’s Musharraf is to be killed
* Thirteen, Russia must be punished
* Fourteen: Salman Rushdie is not to be forgotten
* Fifteen: The masses in the infidel lands think like their leaders. Their public (enemies) is responsible
* Sixteen: Calls for Dialogue with the West are to be rejected
* Seventeen: Do not trust the “traitors” including Muftis and moderate clerics
* Eighteen: King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia ignores world realities
* Nineteen: (Western) civilization is attacking ours
* Twenty: It is of the duty of all members of the Umma to offer everything for Jihad, including their lives.

Point 15 is the essential one -- Western civilian populations are again justified as legitimate targets. Point 20 is also an essential one -- according to what I know of the Koran, Bin Laden seems to be correct about this. If we can't get enough traction from within the Muslim community to fight the idea that their duties to Islam include support of Jihad, things are gonna get a whole lot worse.

2009 Quantum Reality: "Nuclear events" in Tel Aviv, New York City

Recent emanation from Quantum Reality field...Details were sketchy, but it appears that midtown Manhattan and Tel Aviv, Israel were struck by simultaneous sub-explosive nuclear incidents on February 15, 2009. Initial casualty figures are in the tens of thousands as the heat and radioactive explosion caused an "infernal pyre" in the two American and Israeli cities. Grand Central Station turned into a combination morgue and triage as dazed victims, commuters-turned-medics, and rows of the dead filled the building soon after the initial blast at 13.07 Grenwich Mean Time. Israel declared emergency Martial Law throughout the entire country and hundreds of celebrating Palestinian youths were reported killed in riots in the Arab-dominated Galilee.

Quantum Overlap



Bin Laden Surrenders Iraq: Is this V-AQ Day?

Al Qaeda Cave-leader Osama Bin Laden has just released a new video and doesn't mention a word about Iraq. This, I feel, is about as close as we are gonna get to a surrender statement from the man. TigerHawk also declares that Al Qaeda has lost in Iraq. Although the media spotlighted Bin Laden's declaration that Muslims must fight to protect the genocidal Arab tribes in Sudan, Walid Phares breaks down the statement into ten points. These points include threats against Western civilians (and justification for future mass casualty attacks), solidarity with Hamas, attacks on Arab liberals, and demands to hand over the Danish cartoonists. Along with the recent compromise reached that ousted Jaafari in Iraq, it seems that our Iraq adventure may be going better than mainstream media suggets. Perhaps Bin Laden isn't reading the NY Times.