2016: Pervasive Internet Immerses Humanity

From Red Herring, a vision of the world in ten years that will make all geeks happy. Pervasive Internet will create a kind of borg/cylon culture, where we are plugged in at all times.

The barriers between our bodies and the Internet will blur as will those between the real world and virtual reality.

Today’s devices will disappear. Electronics will instead be embedded in our environment, woven into our clothing, and written directly to our retinas from eyeglasses and contact lenses, predicts inventor, entrepreneur, author, and futurist Ray Kurzweil. “Devices will no longer be spokes on the Internet—they will be the nodes themselves,” he says.

FutureWire loooks at the report from 2016 here and promises
a future Internet in which we are the devices and nodes, thanks to wireless implants... with connection speeds of 100 megabits per second, a loss of distinction between types of media (everything is a mashup), and a blurring of the line between the real world and virtual reality.

How long before a pervasive internet which links thoughts/words 24 hours a day leads to a "collective consciousness" or a hive mind or even worse, a dark Borg future?


President Clinton Bombs Iran Nuke Sites in March 2009

Timothy Garton Ash, who I assume is a leftist because he works at the Guardian and has three names, picks up one quantum reality where Iran-American tension leads to President Hillary Clinton bombing Iran nuke sites in March 2009 and Iranian counter-attack terrorist strikes on Tel Aviv, London, and New York on May 7 2009. 10,000 people died in the strikes.

President Hillary Clinton, in another quantum reality, is considered the most uncompromising wartime president in the history of the United States.

Westhawk has the Allies reaction:
Theory suggests that the West should strike at those targets that the regime values most, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) bases likely being on the top of any such list. Assuming, as we do, that a Western military occupation of Iran is impractical, the Coalition will have to achieve the coercion, or “escalation domination,” it seeks through the use of air power and ground raids. Remembering that the goal is preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state, and given the assumed limitations on Coalition capabilities (no occupation), the West will achieve its goal when either 1) the Iranian government (existing or new) agrees to foreswear a nuclear weapons program and agrees to a requisite inspections regime to verify this, 2) the Iranian regime is rendered so powerless by the war that is unable to reorganize its nuclear-industrial effort, or 3) the Coalition periodically re-strikes Iran’s nuclear and other military targets as they are rebuild, thus keeping them “unrebuilt.”

Jaafari Jumps: Shiites Take Out Their Own

Jaafari finally surrenders after five-month stalemate. The same day Iranians are reported to have infiltrated Shiite militia and engaging in sustained gun battles in Baghdad. It seems like Iraq will now turn into an Iranian-American battlefied, with Americans taking their usual alliance with a dependent Sunni, the too-much-great-PR-to-be-fully-trusted Kurds, and perhaps sane Shia.

I've heard from various sources that the United Nations (NPR report) talked to Sistani and Sistani pushed Jaafari. But that seems to be NPR's rather European way of framing the news, to put it gently. The Belmont Club has the Iranian infiltration story. Wretchard declares

...the proxy war with Iran has already begun. Interestingly enough, all the scenarios which envision toppling the Teheran involve a proxy war. Iraq has always been compared by liberals to Vietnam. But it's fair to ask: whose Vietnam?

Interesting times.

Beleaguered LA Times Hit Again: Blogger Patterico Takes Down Hiltzik

Hugh Hewitt was up and down the dial playing up The Prosecutor's last hit on the LA Times. It's a sadistic pleasure by now. Patterico has buried the Times, and Hewitt was screaming his eulogy. Hewitt's enthusiasm was leading to gems like "But it's been 10 hours and still nothing from the LA Times!" The Titanic can't turn that fast, Hugh. What a sluggish , wounded beast the LA Times is. Patterico is a genius and a hero. His gutting of the LA Times 2005 triumphs of bias and clownish incompetence was done with proscutorial precision. Patterico is a genius and a hero.

But I don't know if I agree with the whole tracking down the IP thing. Can't we play around a little with identities on the web? That's part of the fun. It's also, I guess, risky. Do we really want our online identities nicked like that? Should we all be anonymously browsing? And what's the Firefox Extension for that?


Is string theory in trouble?

New Leonard Susskind defends "landscape" theory at this interview with the good people at New Scientist.

Quantum immortality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia has a great entry on Quantum immortality , which is the theory that the "many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that conscious beings are immortal."

Quantum computer solves problem, without running

"In a sense, it is the possibility that the algorithm could run which prevents the algorithm from running," Kwiat said. "That is at the heart of quantum interrogation schemes, and to my mind, quantum mechanics doesn't get any more mysterious mysterious than this."

Update on Quantum Computing -- Quantum Laptop by 2020

Nature's Quantum Computing Update predicts a useful quantum computer by 2020.