2023: Extraterrestrial Life Discovered on Tau Ceti

Quantum slipstream info from 2023: After weeks of speculation on the nets, NASA announced that scientists at JPL and Stanford University had discovered signs of intelligent life on the fourth planet in the Tau Ceti system. After decades of failed searches attempting to seek out radio broadcasts and later ScienceDaily: light signals, scientists finally turned their attention to "virtual life signatures", or VLS, in 2011. VLS are the tightly-wound matrix of electronic, fiber-optic, and nano-electric connections which create a "web of information" around highly-developed, perpetually-connected civilizations. The theory that civilizations become "entombed in information" and fail to expand outwards explained the "Where is everybody?" conundrum also called the Fermi Paradox. The question now seems to be, what's their email address?


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