2012: Joint American-Pakistani-Afghan Forces Invade Waziristan After Wave of European Attacks

2012 (Karachi, Pakistan) -- Coalition strike teams swarmed thru tribal Waziristan today after President John McCain vowed to "take the war to every Taliban-controlled village" in the outlaw region. The coordinated attack -- using special ops forces, "killer drones", and recently-developed laser-based non-lethal weaponry -- is expected to last weeks. Waziristan-based militants took credit for simultaneous explosions in apartment complexes in Paris, Munich, Madrid, and Rome which killed over 400 people Tuesday. The region has a longlong history of Taliban control, and Pakistan's leader Musharraf's reasoning behind ceding the area to Jihadists was always unclear. Whether Pakistan is playing a "double game" -- giving support to Jihadist groups until the pressure grows too great, and then throwing the West a few operatives that may be past their prime -- is an open question. For now, Pakistani forces have joined the coalition operation and McCain hailed the government as an "essential ally" in the Anti-Jihad coalition.


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