2006: Leftist Anti-Americanism Continues To Split Western Resolve Against Jihad

Tonight I saw "United 93" with a very good friend of mine, who is a liberal Jewish Democrat who loved "Fahreinheit 9/11". He was unhappy with the film, and said that he just couldn't see the point of it. What was it for, he said? To entertain? To remind us? I'm sick of being reminded about this!" He also said that he couldn't really identify with the people on board the flight, and that he felt more emotion when he saw the images of the plane flying into the building than when he watched the passengers.

Such a response can only bring up the question of what psychological aspects are at play here, when somebody who is part of a nation who was attacked does not understand why one would want to watch a movie about the first of us who fought back. The situation is that many on the left refuse to consider themselves part of an "us" -- it leads them straight into shame of being part of the white, capitalist oppressor class. This kind of post-nationalsism -- which overlaps with "Bush Derangement Syndrome", Christianity Derangement Syndrome, or "Anti-American Leftism" is seriously weakening Western resolve against the Jihadists. A "Hollywood-NYT-BBC" Alliance is the propaganda axis for this line, which functions as an arm of the Jihadist war campaign. The release of "United 93" movie created a backlash among those who, in their attempt to be "post-national", feel ashamed of any kind of reminder that evil against Americans occured, and the Americans that fought against the "Third-World Brown People" were heroes, not oppressors. An enormous amount of cognitive dissonance for the greater part of the Left which still does not see -- or does not care about -- the danger the West faces.

Shrinkwrapped, as usual, has this particular species of sensitive, bloody-minded Leftist clocked. Some on the left simply don't see the use of watching images of death-cult Islamist jihadists (in short, our enemy) killing us and carrying out their wicked plan. But they did fight to publish and distribute every image of American "abuse" images from Abu Ghraib. Shrinkwrapped claims that the left-media axis is simply using the distribution and rejection of certain images as a weapon of war.
ShrinkWrapped: Perspectives on Totalitarianism:
"Perhaps this also helps explain how so many people can express greater fears of George W. Bush than of Osama bin Laden. Our societal sensory organs, primarily the reporters and editors of the MSM, have been very careful to avoid exposing our sensitive perceptions to the horrors of the Islamic fascists. They correctly noted, in their lust to show every possible frame from the abu Graib evening of abuse, that visual images evoke powerful emotional reactions and therefore it was necessary to show the pictures from the abu Graib story, while at the same time, visual images evoke powerful emotional reactions and therefore it was necessary to NOT show pictures of the Danish cartoons, not to mention true atrocities like the beheading of Nicolas Berg. "

Similar hinge moment occurs directly before WWII, when students at Oxford University voted not to fight for crown and country when the fascist threat was developing in Germany.


Blogger Richard Landes said...

excellent post. there is something here that is at once fascinating and disturbing. it brings to mind that oft-cited expression "slippery slope." it's as if to see the viciousness of the enemy would sound the alarm and "raise the blood", and we would be invaded by alien, primitive, reptile-brain emotions, which would rapidly take over.

the fear of this can reach obsessional status when it produces reactions like your friend's to the movie (i imagine, like Noam Chomsky, he's too sweet to get violent). it's as if there's a deep unconscious fear of one's own propensity to violence (often projected onto the rednecks of one's own culture). could explain the identification with the aggressor that makes these "liberal progressives" so ready to give the most revolting behavior a pass.

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