President Clinton Bombs Iran Nuke Sites in March 2009

Timothy Garton Ash, who I assume is a leftist because he works at the Guardian and has three names, picks up one quantum reality where Iran-American tension leads to President Hillary Clinton bombing Iran nuke sites in March 2009 and Iranian counter-attack terrorist strikes on Tel Aviv, London, and New York on May 7 2009. 10,000 people died in the strikes.

President Hillary Clinton, in another quantum reality, is considered the most uncompromising wartime president in the history of the United States.

Westhawk has the Allies reaction:
Theory suggests that the West should strike at those targets that the regime values most, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) bases likely being on the top of any such list. Assuming, as we do, that a Western military occupation of Iran is impractical, the Coalition will have to achieve the coercion, or “escalation domination,” it seeks through the use of air power and ground raids. Remembering that the goal is preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state, and given the assumed limitations on Coalition capabilities (no occupation), the West will achieve its goal when either 1) the Iranian government (existing or new) agrees to foreswear a nuclear weapons program and agrees to a requisite inspections regime to verify this, 2) the Iranian regime is rendered so powerless by the war that is unable to reorganize its nuclear-industrial effort, or 3) the Coalition periodically re-strikes Iran’s nuclear and other military targets as they are rebuild, thus keeping them “unrebuilt.”


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