Jaafari Jumps: Shiites Take Out Their Own

Jaafari finally surrenders after five-month stalemate. The same day Iranians are reported to have infiltrated Shiite militia and engaging in sustained gun battles in Baghdad. It seems like Iraq will now turn into an Iranian-American battlefied, with Americans taking their usual alliance with a dependent Sunni, the too-much-great-PR-to-be-fully-trusted Kurds, and perhaps sane Shia.

I've heard from various sources that the United Nations (NPR report) talked to Sistani and Sistani pushed Jaafari. But that seems to be NPR's rather European way of framing the news, to put it gently. The Belmont Club has the Iranian infiltration story. Wretchard declares

...the proxy war with Iran has already begun. Interestingly enough, all the scenarios which envision toppling the Teheran involve a proxy war. Iraq has always been compared by liberals to Vietnam. But it's fair to ask: whose Vietnam?

Interesting times.


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