Bin Laden Surrenders Iraq: Is this V-AQ Day?

Al Qaeda Cave-leader Osama Bin Laden has just released a new video and doesn't mention a word about Iraq. This, I feel, is about as close as we are gonna get to a surrender statement from the man. TigerHawk also declares that Al Qaeda has lost in Iraq. Although the media spotlighted Bin Laden's declaration that Muslims must fight to protect the genocidal Arab tribes in Sudan, Walid Phares breaks down the statement into ten points. These points include threats against Western civilians (and justification for future mass casualty attacks), solidarity with Hamas, attacks on Arab liberals, and demands to hand over the Danish cartoonists. Along with the recent compromise reached that ousted Jaafari in Iraq, it seems that our Iraq adventure may be going better than mainstream media suggets. Perhaps Bin Laden isn't reading the NY Times.


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Quantum, I admit that farceful posts on the sad waste of Corrie's life are silly, but right ABOVE that Belmont post was a reference to a much more serious, relevant and well-thought out dissertation, available at:


Start at ONE and work up. Comments welcome.

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On another theme, more related to YOUR excellent posts, Sir, there are some MP3s posted at:


Yes, some are satire-laden (Its in the Koran!), (Aloha Snackbar, Resort to Violence!) but others are straight, serious examinations of the dynamics of life, war and Islamo-terrorism around us, Sir!

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