Beleaguered LA Times Hit Again: Blogger Patterico Takes Down Hiltzik

Hugh Hewitt was up and down the dial playing up The Prosecutor's last hit on the LA Times. It's a sadistic pleasure by now. Patterico has buried the Times, and Hewitt was screaming his eulogy. Hewitt's enthusiasm was leading to gems like "But it's been 10 hours and still nothing from the LA Times!" The Titanic can't turn that fast, Hugh. What a sluggish , wounded beast the LA Times is. Patterico is a genius and a hero. His gutting of the LA Times 2005 triumphs of bias and clownish incompetence was done with proscutorial precision. Patterico is a genius and a hero.

But I don't know if I agree with the whole tracking down the IP thing. Can't we play around a little with identities on the web? That's part of the fun. It's also, I guess, risky. Do we really want our online identities nicked like that? Should we all be anonymously browsing? And what's the Firefox Extension for that?


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