Leftist Anti-Semitism Watch

My stereotypical feeling on foreign Jews goes likes this ( I can make anti-semitic remarks cuz I'm Jewish, remember!)

Russian Jews are like American Jews, rowdy, ambitious, unapologetic.
French Jews are either subsumed by French anti-semitism or right-wing settler-types.
British Jews are the most screwed up -- vigilant to stomp out any sign of "Jewishness", implacably bound to some universalist notion of "Britishness", they are self-hating, punctilious, and phenomenally irritating.

Here's a pretty good look at the anti-semitism the BritJews are facing, from the Left of course.


The Left's Unholy Alliance with the Jihadists

For all those who don't believe that a sizeable part of the Left roots for the Jihadists and is motivated by a venal anti-Americanism, please check out David Horowitz' takedown of Daniel Lazare from The Nation during The Michael Medved Show. Essential reading.

LA Times Watch

The LA Times -- known for its cratering subscription numbers, cartoonishly leftist "news" pages, and insanely skewed election polls which inhabit an alternative world where Bush and Arnold are doomed to lose -- outdoes itself with a grotesque valentine to Palestinian terrorists.

The article -- written by Peter H. King -- is a heroic portrait of fine, upstanding, hard-working Palestinian immigrants whose only misdeed was to, well, celebrate the 18th anniversary of the murderous terror group Progressive Front for the Liberation of Palestine (is there a website terrorists go to to pick their names -- like the find your porn name web site -- with permutations of front, liberation, liberationist, revolutionary, group, organization,etc? Start one and make millions!). These salt-of-the-earth Palestinians also raised money for the group, but we are assured by the intrepid reporter that the funds were intended only to "provide medical care and schooling in Palestinian refugee camps."

The tale is the usual leftist narrative intended to weaken counter-terrorist operations in America -- evil, power-hungry, reckless FBI agents terrorize fine, family-centered immigrants who simply want to be left alone to, urr, fund terror organizations.

You must read the whole thing if you want to either laugh hysterically or be driving insane by the depths of which the fifth-column left will descend to. For those who don't have the time here's the best lil points:

King helpfully paints an innocent scene, with "ethnic food" and "folk dances", a terror-celebration with "unremarkable" PFLP posters and pamphlets and these fine immmigrants removing the American flag from the stage. Everything would have been just dandy, in fact, if it wasn't for some bumbling, vengeful FBI agent who King refers to as a "mythic, monster-like figure."

King seems to be working straight from the LA Times handbook. He refers to the PFLP as an organization with a "mixed record of social good works, military operations and terrorist strikes." (Hmm, definitely sounds mixed to me! How many social "good works" counteract blown up Israeli families on buses? Is there some sort of ratio? Let us know Peter! How many bandaids does Al Qaeda have to give out to get the LA Times/Good Housekeeping "Mixed Record" seal of approval!) Scare quotes are put on Bush's "war on terror". The caption for one of these poor terror-symps includes this little beaut:

Michel Ibrahim Shehadeh, with his wife, Maxine: Arrested in front of son, 3, in a raid that reminded him of the West Bank.

King's timeline at the end simply doesn't have enough space for any of the terror attacks that the PFLP committed, so let me help him out here:

July 1968 -- PFLP hijacks El Al flight and holds 32 people for 39 days
December 1968 -- PFLP kills one El Al passenger in Athens
Feb 1968 -- PFLP Kills El Al co-pilot at Zurich Airport
Feb 1969 -- PFLP bombs Jerusalem supermarket, killing two Israelis

That's just the beginning of the illustrious history of the PFLP. I am busy researching all its "good works" but these are more difficult to discover than their massacres. Perhaps Peter H. King will enlighten us.

Oh, and just wait for the second part of the article! Yes, there's definitely enough American injustice to Palestinian terror-funders here to merit two LA Times articles!

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