Iran-Al Queda Connection

A fantastic post by Dan Darling quotes German news articles on the Iran-Al Queda link

For years the secret service of the Revolutionary Guards has offered al-Qaida’s top leadership logistic support, military training as well as equipment and safe houses. "The fact that Sunni jihadis and Shiite hate each other, is for both no reason not to cooperate. They have a common enemy," know western secret services.

The author of this article was able to view a list of God’s Killers who found a safe refuge in Iran. The list reads like the Who's Who of the global Jihad. Just under 25 high-ranking leaders of al-Qaida--planners, supervisors and jihad ideologs from Egypt, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, North Africa as well as Europe. At the very top of al-Qaida’s hierarchy: three of the sons of Osama bin Laden, Saeed, Mohammad and Othman.
...A Jordanian GID man outlines the past practice of Islamic holy warriors: "As an Islamist I go to the Saudis to get money." "If I need weapons, logistical support or military/terrorist training or equipment, I go to the Iranians."


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