The Left Religion: Moral Equivalence, Utopian Pacifism, and Multiculturalism

Perplexed by the left's response to terror? The hand-wringing? The conspiracy theories? The anger towards their own governments? Their gut-reflex to appease?

As usual, we turn to Victor Hanson, who tells it like it is in a fantastic overview of our strange situation. He explains the holy trinity of the left as composed of moral equivalency, pacifism, and multiculturalism. Nothing must interfere with these beliefs. If something does -- like, say, an intolerant death-cult intent on murdering infidels -- well, than one must hold onto those beliefs even harder!

Our first hindrance is moral equivalence. For the hard Left there is no absolute right and wrong since amorality is defined arbitrarily and only by those in power.

Taking back Fallujah from beheaders and terrorists is no different from bombing the London subway since civilians may die in either case. The deliberate rather than accidental targeting of noncombatants makes little difference, especially since the underdog in Fallujah is not to be judged by the same standard as the overdogs in London and New York. A half-dozen roughed up prisoners in Guantanamo are the same as the Nazi death camps or the Gulag.

Our second shackle is utopian pacifism — ‘war never solved anything’ and ‘violence only begets violence.’ Thus it makes no sense to resort to violence, since reason and conflict resolution can convince even a bin Laden to come to the table. That most evil has ended tragically and most good has resumed through armed struggle — whether in Germany, Japan, and Italy or Panama, Belgrade, and Kabul — is irrelevant. Apparently on some past day, sophisticated Westerners, in their infinite wisdom and morality, transcended age-old human nature, and as a reward were given a pass from the smelly, dirty old world of the past six millennia.

The third restraint is multiculturalism, or the idea that all social practices are of equal merit. Who are we to generalize that the regimes and fundamentalist sects of the Middle East result in economic backwardness, intolerance of religious and ethnic minorities, gender apartheid, racism, homophobia, and patriarchy? Being different from the West is never being worse.

When arguing with an anti-war Leftie, remember their holy trinity -- equivalency, pacifism, and multiculturalism -- and be kind.


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