Is Al Queda HQ'd in Iran Now?

Some disturbing info on Al Queda top management "arrested" in Iran. As usual, the Islamofascist terror war against the US is supported by Arab governments which deny such support (Saudi Arabia, anyone?)

Many experts believe the IRGC operates beyond the control of elected politicians in Tehran and answers only to the hard core of the unelected clerical elite. As a top French law enforcement official told the "Los Angeles Times": "Iranians play a double game. It is a classic Iranian style of ambiguity, deception, manipulation. Everything they can do to trouble the Americans, without going too far, they do it. They have arrested important Al-Qaeda people, but they have permitted other important Al-Qaeda people to operate."

See also the razor-sharp Dan Darling and the good folks over at MSNBC. Iran has a history of direct state support for terrorism -- now its alliance with Al Queda is becoming more obvious.


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