2007: The "Gazafication" of South Lebanon

(2007, Beirut) The Gazafication of Southern Lebanon seems complete now at the one-year mark of the opening of the "Israeli-Syrihezran War." The failure of the United Nations "robust force" and the complete infiltration of the Lebanese Army has turned a once-tranquil part of Lebanon into a stark warhole more reminiscent of the Gaza Strip. Frequent Israeli raids into territory outside of their "anti-terror posts" on a strip of strategic land along the Bekaa have yet to break Hezbollah. But Israel -- and its American ally -- see no other choice but to persist in the policy of "active containment" while the current Iranian nuclear situation ripens.


1944: NY Times and LA Times Publish Details of Normandie Invasion, D-Day Plans Scrapped

(1944, NYC) The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times today printed details of the Allies military plan to "liberate" Europe. Newspaper sources describe a hectic night, with President Roosevelt personally begging the papers to withhold the story. However, the newspapers claimed that the government's use of "deception and propaganda" made the story one of public concern. The newspapers are expected to win the Pulitzer Prize for the revelations, after winning several Pulitzers for publishing details about the Enigma code-breaking in 1942. Journalists dismissed the notion that they have any responsibility to America, American soldiers, or the Allied war effort, calling themselves citzens of the world.


1938: Left Embraces "Oppressed" Sudeten Germans, Boycotts Czechoslovakia

(Prague, 1938) Czechoslovakia reacted defiantly to a call for an academic boycott of that country for its occupation of Sudetenland. Pressure on Czechoslovakia has increased recently since Czechoslovakia refused to negotiate with the Sudeten-German Party due to what Czechoslovakia calls "its Nazi orientation." The call -- endorsed by labor unions in Canada, the Presbytarian Church, and anti-racist groups throughout the West -- would begin a strategy of isolation for Czechoslovakia, accused of being a "racist, apartheid state" for its treatment of the minority Sudetens. Czechoslovakia claims that much of the Sudeten issue has been whipped up by an aggressive Germany, an allegation much of the international community has rejected.


2015: Breakthru Physics Experiment Points to "Braneworld Universe"

2015 (Palo Alto, California) -- Scientists today released results of an experiment which seems to prove that our universe floats on an "embedded membrane" thru a five-dimensional "meta-universe". Lisa Randall of Harvard University, the lead scientist on the experiment, proclaimed that the implications are so profound that the world must wait for other, confirming evidence before the 5-D braneworld theory can be considered proven. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," Randall said at a raucous press conference interrupted by heckling from fundamentalist Christians and a fringe group of committed string theorists.

2012: Joint American-Pakistani-Afghan Forces Invade Waziristan After Wave of European Attacks

2012 (Karachi, Pakistan) -- Coalition strike teams swarmed thru tribal Waziristan today after President John McCain vowed to "take the war to every Taliban-controlled village" in the outlaw region. The coordinated attack -- using special ops forces, "killer drones", and recently-developed laser-based non-lethal weaponry -- is expected to last weeks. Waziristan-based militants took credit for simultaneous explosions in apartment complexes in Paris, Munich, Madrid, and Rome which killed over 400 people Tuesday. The region has a longlong history of Taliban control, and Pakistan's leader Musharraf's reasoning behind ceding the area to Jihadists was always unclear. Whether Pakistan is playing a "double game" -- giving support to Jihadist groups until the pressure grows too great, and then throwing the West a few operatives that may be past their prime -- is an open question. For now, Pakistani forces have joined the coalition operation and McCain hailed the government as an "essential ally" in the Anti-Jihad coalition.


2007: Sniper John Alan Muhammad Sentenced to Death After "Quantum Physics" Defense Fails

2007 (Rockville, MD) Convicted "DC Sniper" John Allen Muhammad was sentence to die by electric chair today after a trial where his unique nbc4.com Quantum Physics defense failed to prevent conviction. The trial -- which brought out Muhammed's connection to thed jihadist group Al-Fuqra -- often turned into a shouting match as Muhammad screamed out anti-American diatribes. Muhammad's quantum physics defense -- which blamed "overlapping quantum realities" for the truckload of evidence the prosecutor presented -- caused a national surge of interest in the arcane theory.

2026: Autonomous Robots Win "Hobby Hours" in Landmark Law

2026 (Washington DC) -- After years of heated debate, "wildrobot" strikes, and three Congressional research studies on robot rights, the United States Senate today approved the "Hobby Hours" Bill over the objections of business groups. The Bill guarantees robots which have demonstrated four out of seven "consciousness indicators" 1 hour a day to explore their physical or virtual environment without restriction. More controversial bills to extend to robots full workplace protection similar to humans were voted down. Since the birth of "BabyBot" in 2006, autonomous, learning robots have spread to every part of the developed world. From planetary spacecrafts to self-driving cars, the number of autonomous robots hit 500 million in 2025 and continues to grow. Signs of consciousness and free will among robots have increased as well. Supporters of robot rights vow to continue fighting for the enfranchisement of all "autonomous beings" along the lines agreed to by the European Union in 2024.


2038: NASA Launches "Star Trek Ship" As Part of Emergency Alien Defense System

2038 (Cape Canaveral, FL): The United States launched the Thor II Warship today as part of its emergency alien defense system. Dubbed the "USS Enterprise" for its collection of technology first proposed in the "Star Trek" universe, the Thor II boasts advanced laser weaponry, cloaking technology, third-generation anti-matter propulsion system, and a cold plasma shield against high-energy weapons. The Thor II is expected to be joined by 32 sister ships in the coming months as the defensive technologies developed in the last ten years come on line. Although no hostile alien presence has been detected, the United States remains wary after the discovery of a devastated alien civilization destroyed by high-energy particle beams in the Alpha Centauri system in 2028.


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2006: Leftist Anti-Americanism Continues To Split Western Resolve Against Jihad

Tonight I saw "United 93" with a very good friend of mine, who is a liberal Jewish Democrat who loved "Fahreinheit 9/11". He was unhappy with the film, and said that he just couldn't see the point of it. What was it for, he said? To entertain? To remind us? I'm sick of being reminded about this!" He also said that he couldn't really identify with the people on board the flight, and that he felt more emotion when he saw the images of the plane flying into the building than when he watched the passengers.

Such a response can only bring up the question of what psychological aspects are at play here, when somebody who is part of a nation who was attacked does not understand why one would want to watch a movie about the first of us who fought back. The situation is that many on the left refuse to consider themselves part of an "us" -- it leads them straight into shame of being part of the white, capitalist oppressor class. This kind of post-nationalsism -- which overlaps with "Bush Derangement Syndrome", Christianity Derangement Syndrome, or "Anti-American Leftism" is seriously weakening Western resolve against the Jihadists. A "Hollywood-NYT-BBC" Alliance is the propaganda axis for this line, which functions as an arm of the Jihadist war campaign. The release of "United 93" movie created a backlash among those who, in their attempt to be "post-national", feel ashamed of any kind of reminder that evil against Americans occured, and the Americans that fought against the "Third-World Brown People" were heroes, not oppressors. An enormous amount of cognitive dissonance for the greater part of the Left which still does not see -- or does not care about -- the danger the West faces.

Shrinkwrapped, as usual, has this particular species of sensitive, bloody-minded Leftist clocked. Some on the left simply don't see the use of watching images of death-cult Islamist jihadists (in short, our enemy) killing us and carrying out their wicked plan. But they did fight to publish and distribute every image of American "abuse" images from Abu Ghraib. Shrinkwrapped claims that the left-media axis is simply using the distribution and rejection of certain images as a weapon of war.
ShrinkWrapped: Perspectives on Totalitarianism:
"Perhaps this also helps explain how so many people can express greater fears of George W. Bush than of Osama bin Laden. Our societal sensory organs, primarily the reporters and editors of the MSM, have been very careful to avoid exposing our sensitive perceptions to the horrors of the Islamic fascists. They correctly noted, in their lust to show every possible frame from the abu Graib evening of abuse, that visual images evoke powerful emotional reactions and therefore it was necessary to show the pictures from the abu Graib story, while at the same time, visual images evoke powerful emotional reactions and therefore it was necessary to NOT show pictures of the Danish cartoons, not to mention true atrocities like the beheading of Nicolas Berg. "

Similar hinge moment occurs directly before WWII, when students at Oxford University voted not to fight for crown and country when the fascist threat was developing in Germany.